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there's no hell and no hiroshima, chernobyl was a cover-up

the world is really all in love...

your moonlit pizza picnic
14 November 1985
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Hayssup. I'm that girl.

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This journal is almost entirely friends-only! If you really really wanna read the secret stuff, drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do. (It's really not very interesting though.)

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accordions, alice in wonderland, amanda palmer, amigurumi, amélie, anime that doesn't suck, anti-gender roles, arcade fire, art, artsy fashion shows, avoiding conflict, axolotls, baking cute treats, bats, beetlejuice, being okay at ddr, being reclusive, bjork, black and white photos, blonde redhead, blythe dolls, buster keaton, candy necklaces, cat power, charlie chaplin, childlike innocence, chocolate sushi, clara bow, clicking clickable charity, clover, creepy-cute, cuddly things, cute tiny plastic crap, daydreaming, deer, deerhoof, deery lou, dinosaurs, drinking tea, eccentricity, fairy tales, feminism, flappers, flcl, flea markets, fuko ueda, ghosts, good books, gothic lolita, halloween, hayao miyazaki, hoarding, honus honus, hoodies, human rights, imperfections, invader zim, jamie hewlett, japanese street fashion, jason webley, jill tracy, joanna newsom, jon stewart, katamari damacy, kisekae, kitsch, klaus nomi, kogepan, kurt vonnegut, labyrinth, lain, le tigre, lewis carroll, liars, little shop of horrors, louise brooks, lurking, man man, metric, mirah, missing the ocean, modest mouse, music, my growing lingerie collection, mysterious deep sea life, mythology, obscurity, old books, opinions, pandas, penguins, penne vodka, people watching, petticoats, portishead, practicing guitar, pro-choice, punk cabaret, puyo puyo, radiohead, rain, random acts of kindness, reading, really weird dreams, regina spektor, scary go round, sea monsters, seriouslythough: alice in wonderland, sewing things, silent films, silly dress-up websites, small creatures in waistcoats, snails and their shells, snes roms, snow, south congress, starry night skies, strange animals, stripey socks, studio ghibli, sunshowers, surrealism, sushi, the 1920s, the beach at night, the colbert report, the daily show, the dresden dolls, the little prince, the princess bride, the unicorns, the velveteen rabbit, theda bara, thrift stores, tim burton, truth and beauty bombs, unusual people, uzumaki, vegetarianism, victorian things, video games, vintage anything, warm blankets, weird things, weirdnj, white ghost shivers, wishful thinking, wunderkammer, x-ray spex, ◕ ◡ ◕


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